Selfie non selfie

I realize the term 'selfie' referred to using your camera phone for a quick pick...and that the images below may not exactly fit into that category.  Trust me they are still selfies.. done with  tripod, and a remote trigger.  

A selfies - from what I have seen are usually just of the subjects face, and taken from above - they are quickies usually when we are having a good hair or makeup day. The intention here was from a desire to create on a rainy day... and then the post shoot selfie looking out the window.    

Boudoir Is it for you?

It's that time of year when you see or hear the words “Book your Boudoir Session”!  So, what is a boudoir session? Is it just for the the younger years?  First off, a boudoir session is a portrait session where you wear outfits that you feel empowered and sexy in.  For some that would be lingerie, dresses, his shirt or even wrapped in a white sheet.  While the idea of this may seem intimidating here are  five reasons why you SHOULD do a boudoir session no matter your age!


Sessions always include, professional hair and makeup, a styling consultation and guided posing session.  With professionals you will get the best of the best!  Oh and by the way, you absolutely want to schedule a date night out after because you will look and feel beautiful.  



He loves you no matter how many times you wear your yoga pants and hair in a bun, but you can bet he will be surprised when he opens that black folio box with gorgeous portraits of you.   It may be a side he’s never seen!


Have a birthday or anniversary coming up?  It's a perfect reason to book a session, you get to pamper yourself,  embrace your sensual side, and create gorgeous portraits of yourself.  When you look back at them you’ll remember how wonderful this time in your life was! 


Being treated like a celebrity, with hair and makeup, is the best therapy! However when you see  your images for the first time you will be amazed and blown away. You will see just how gorgeous you really are!


You rely on your BFF's to get you through all the tough times.  So if you are too nervous to do a session alone, why not make it a girl’s day out! Choose a few of your BFF’s and do a session together! Most  photographers offer special girl’s day out collections that include a day of pampering, food, wine, and each lady getting her time in front of the camera!

Remember you are in full control,  wear whatever makes you feel sexy and confident; a boudoir session is all about you!  So, don't hold back - make 2018 the year you celebrate your sexy. 

Oh and I have a session booked at the end of this month.  I will keep you posted!   

Entering 2018 with all the pregnant possibilities.

I was blessed to have one of my friends, and healers drop by for a maternity session.  We honestly did not have much time to shoot (bout 25 minutes) due to conflicting schedules.  However when she told me she was expecting  I already envisioned her in a tulle skirt!  So it was a no brainer to create something so painterly and memorable.  

World meet Natasha and Joel's little bump.  Congratulations  to you both!  

Dear 2017,

I want to say thank you.  It was not quite what I expected from a year but in the up and downs I learned lessons, found new friends, clients and inspiration in every moment.  Even those that were wrapped in fear and a bit of darkness.  2017  you helped me grow, find a grounding I have been seeking for  while and a new appreciation for hard work, deep relaxation and embracing what is.

I had my own Glamour Portrait session that boosted my self esteem....I was walking high after that thank you Vintage Chic!

I spent time with other creatives shooting video, creating connections and making memories, I went through home renovations I am in love with.  I create a new space to shoot in - tiny but all mine.. and new refreshed energy in my home.

I spent a beautiful day at a wedding in Tofino, capturing amazing memories and creating some wonderful art from the day.

Finally, I spent alot of time on walks, listening to pod casts on how to hack our life, how to change our behaviors that are not serving us.. and that kicked me off on some healthy journey's, and  bit of weight loss.  Yea!  

So, thank you 2017, you were not what I had planned but you were what I needed. 

Here's to 2018!  


An afternoon with Karen

Back in October I posted to FB to nominate someone who was affected by Cancer for the opportunity to win a session.  I was overwhelmed with the number of entrants.. It is humbling to know how many people are affected by Cancer and live with the diagnosis daily. 

One of those inspiring winners was Karen Lyn, who's daughter entered her for the session.    Karen lives in Ontario, but her daughter is out here on the west coast in Victoria so we planned to spend a day shooting the next time she was in town.  Karen and I connected right away and talked about the last time she had portraits done, her husband immediately pulled out an image of her last glamour portrait.. wow, that was over 20 years ago!  Amazing how time flies! (by the way she is just as stunning now as then)  We chatted about her diagnosis, her healing journey, the last time she had a family portrait done, family vacations, cruising and how much work it was to be a glamour girl in front of my lens ;) 

Here is a little memory of their day.  

How to be camera ready for the holidays.

49 days to CHRISTMAS!  Ok, I realize it is still a ways away but that thought had me wondering if you curvy ladies out there are like me and hide when a camera is pulled out for snapping those happy moments during the holidays.  Well,  I hope I can help alleviate some of that angst.   

I am not fond of having my photo taken because, well, stating the obvious, I am curvy and have issues with the lack of my jawline..  I call it a 'check' .. my chin and neck collide no jawline there.. anyhow I am not fond of that little 'waddle' nor my buddah belly in photos.  Taken at the wrong angle or - god forbid - in profile I am ruined.  So, my point here is there are ways to slim the body, and also create a 'jawline'.. Here's some selfies I did - it was quick and dirty just to make the point and I will do more of these with more ways to get a flattering pose without too much fuss this holiday season so keep watching the blog.


note the lack of jawline, and with my arms just at my side I look thick in the middle. 

Create shape

Just pulling back your elbows creates an illusion of a waist line, add in a slight tilt forward and push the chin forward.. and I have a jawline! 

Refine shape

Kick out my hip, put all my weight on it, pull my elbow back to create a curve, and bring my right knee across the body.  I have a neckline, and a waist!  

Of course there are many other tricks I am just highlighting one in this blog.  (Personally I think those quick tweaks on my body shape, make me look younger and thinner.)  Additional tweaks - making sure who ever holds the camera is shooting slightly above your eye line also helps.  These images were captured at eye level (and a bit below) for the 'worst possible' angle for a curvy girl - to show you what shaping the body can do!  

Here are other examples of how it shapes the body. 



pulling the one elbow back, putting all the weight on her one hip and pulling the knee across her body creates a nice 'S' shape, and slims her down even more.

Keep an eye out I will be sharing more of these in the comming weeks... and please let me know your thoughts.

Vikings Landed

I had the pleasure of collaborating with some amazing talent to create a viking shoot a few months back.  Sometimes it takes a while to get to working on them.   



your inner VIKING!


Make up was by Haley Walker, who did both hair and makeup and it was amazing! 

The wardrobe was custom made by Sonja Miller from Kitsune Crafting in Sooke, BC.  You can find her on IG @kitsunecrafting (I highly recommend following her)

My muses for the day are Sophia and August.  Both of these lovely people are avid bodybuilders.   August will be competiting in the comming weeks!  You can follow them at IG  @augustmoonjones and @sophia_anne_mc.