A Portrait of Tammy

Tammy found me through from a FB post and promptly emailed to book a session.  She said she wanted to capture this time in her life, and celebrate the milestones.  Oh and she's turning 50 in October, so this was a little splurge for her soul as well.  We had chatted a few times about what she was looking for, mostly casual images and a few for her website.  Tammy is a silversmith, and is updating her website... so of course one of those would suffice for her 'about me' section.  

She arrived at 9 am and Haley got to work, while I went through the clothing options.  We chatted and laughed - oh yea she brought her amazing pup Buddha as well.  

Time came for her to step in front of the camera, with a bit of nervousness she sat down and we started working on capturing her amazing smile.  (Of Course not to be outdone by Buddha)

In the last 10 minutes I was inspired to 'Glam her up' and I pulled out a satin wrap and a tulle skirt and we got to work.  I KNEW this was going to capture her in a way she had not seen often and yet I saw immediately... she simply radiates royalty to me. 

We had so much fun, and when I was clipping her into this dress to create my vision, she said I am not really a 'glam' gal... well.. maybe not but WOW....  you certainly brought it for these last images.


If you want to see Tammy's work please check out her FB page Artwork of Tammy D. Manley

Story of a Birth Session

Natasha and Joel - a beautiful couple who have been trying to conceive for a few years.  They have gone through ups and downs with their family plans and finally they were blessed with their baby girl.  As soon as I found out she was expecting we made a pact to get as many portraits of her through out the pregnancy.. I am still working on some of those images.  3 weeks prior to her due date I was inspired to offer my services to capture the entire birth of her beautiful baby girl, and they said YES.  i received a text message on Saturday morning at 7:30 am stating her water had broke and it would be 'hours' so no rush.  I jumped out of bed and met her in the drive way 20 minutes later.  We spent a few minutes outdoors lapping the house, and finally it was time, and the contractions were getting more intense and closer together.  Call Kate (the midwife)  and fill the pool - it was time.  The next 4 hours were spent surrounded by love, family support, encouragement, laughs and creating the most beautiful birthday setting possible. As Kate had stated a beautiful baby girl was born before noon on the 7th of the 7th month.  

New Team Member

As a full service studio, I like to include hair and makeup along with your session.  Of course it is great when one has an awesome team of talent, and I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to Haley, who has been working with me for about 6 months.  So, Introducing Haley.


Hi, I am Haley

and I am a makeup and special effects artist on Vancouver Island. I have always loved makeup and story telling since I was little, and now it is my job.

I grew up dancing where every year, at the year end recital I would put on bight red lip stick and wear winged liner. I never realized until now, that was one of the reasons I loved dancing so much. I kind of fell into makeup, not because i’m clumsy but because this is what I was meant to do.

It was kind of an accident, a lucky one. I attended The John Casablancas Institute. I didn’t even really mean to apply. I was interested in getting some more information and with one call, I had an interview the next week, and got accepted the following. It was a happy accident. I did the unlimited makeup program, which is a year and teaches you everything from beauty and bridal to airbrushing, out of kit effects and prosthetics. I graduated in December 2016 with distinction.
Since graduating I have done a few weddings, a few photoshoots, and some short films. Im dipping my toes in wherever I can. I am still learning but in this industry you never stop. There is always a new technique to try or a new trend to follow.

Many people think I work in the beauty industry because I love makeup but that is only a small part of it. One of the reasons I love what I do is because of the way you make people feel. I never do makeup to change the way a client looks but rather to enhance the beauty that is already there. When I get to see the transformation that a client has will always be a favourite part of the job. The sudden rush of confidence they get, they feel beautiful.

I am always excited to do makeup and if you want to follow my journey you can find me on Instagram or Facebook @HaleySwitzerMUA
Or check out my website www.haleyswitzer.ca

Selfie non selfie

I realize the term 'selfie' referred to using your camera phone for a quick pick...and that the images below may not exactly fit into that category.  Trust me they are still selfies.. done with  tripod, and a remote trigger.  

A selfies - from what I have seen are usually just of the subjects face, and taken from above - they are quickies usually when we are having a good hair or makeup day. The intention here was from a desire to create on a rainy day... and then the post shoot selfie looking out the window.    

Boudoir Is it for you?

It's that time of year when you see or hear the words “Book your Boudoir Session”!  So, what is a boudoir session? Is it just for the the younger years?  First off, a boudoir session is a portrait session where you wear outfits that you feel empowered and sexy in.  For some that would be lingerie, dresses, his shirt or even wrapped in a white sheet.  While the idea of this may seem intimidating here are  five reasons why you SHOULD do a boudoir session no matter your age!


Sessions always include, professional hair and makeup, a styling consultation and guided posing session.  With professionals you will get the best of the best!  Oh and by the way, you absolutely want to schedule a date night out after because you will look and feel beautiful.  



He loves you no matter how many times you wear your yoga pants and hair in a bun, but you can bet he will be surprised when he opens that black folio box with gorgeous portraits of you.   It may be a side he’s never seen!


Have a birthday or anniversary coming up?  It's a perfect reason to book a session, you get to pamper yourself,  embrace your sensual side, and create gorgeous portraits of yourself.  When you look back at them you’ll remember how wonderful this time in your life was! 


Being treated like a celebrity, with hair and makeup, is the best therapy! However when you see  your images for the first time you will be amazed and blown away. You will see just how gorgeous you really are!


You rely on your BFF's to get you through all the tough times.  So if you are too nervous to do a session alone, why not make it a girl’s day out! Choose a few of your BFF’s and do a session together! Most  photographers offer special girl’s day out collections that include a day of pampering, food, wine, and each lady getting her time in front of the camera!

Remember you are in full control,  wear whatever makes you feel sexy and confident; a boudoir session is all about you!  So, don't hold back - make 2018 the year you celebrate your sexy. 

Oh and I have a session booked at the end of this month.  I will keep you posted!   

Entering 2018 with all the pregnant possibilities.

I was blessed to have one of my friends, and healers drop by for a maternity session.  We honestly did not have much time to shoot (bout 25 minutes) due to conflicting schedules.  However when she told me she was expecting  I already envisioned her in a tulle skirt!  So it was a no brainer to create something so painterly and memorable.  

World meet Natasha and Joel's little bump.  Congratulations  to you both!